Algaelinkages – microalgae production on greenhouse drain water in Querétaro

48 Vistas octubre 12, 2022

This video shows how the Dutch Government – through its topsector model with its Knowledge & Innovation Agenda – supports applied research in circular agriculture in an international context. This research leads to new insights and helps Dutch organizations in their internationalization.

A new, integrated and sustainable Agrifood chain is being developed, using drain water from Mexican greenhouse horticulture as a nutrient source for the production of microalgae. These microalgae can be used as a healthy chicken feed to produce omega-3 enriched eggs. Future implementation of this Agrifood chain will reduce problems related to water shortages in Mexico, while creating a healthy and sustainable food source for enriched, healthy eggs. Use is made of Dutch knowledge and technology.

In Mexico, greenhouse horticulture is a fast-growing sector, requiring enormous amounts of water to be processed. Microalgae are a perfect solution to treat this generated water and efficiently purify the remaining concentrations of nutrients. This leads to both the production of clean water and a valuable additional product, the biomass. Adding this biomass, which contains many omega-3 fatty acids as well as other health-promoting components, to chicken feed, will lead to improved health of the poultry and improved health of the consumer of the fortified egg.

We hope this video motivates others to come up with similar new project ideas.

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